How We Help Professional Care Partners

How We Help Professional       Care Partners
The Alzheimer's Support Network holds many educational lectures, seminars, and workshops each year. Some of these are open to both families and professionals while others are exclusively designed just for professionals. Our team of care guides assists professionals from all fields. For example, we have educational programs specially designed for real estate agents, first responders, and even Uber drivers. If you work with people living with Alzheimer's disease, we have a host of tools and training designed to provide insights and added skills. In addition, we offer support groups for staff members who work in Memory Care communities.  
The Alzheimer's Support Network has two staff members who are certified trainers of the Virtual Dementia Tour (VDT), an experiential tool designed to simulate how Alzheimer's changes sensory perceptions.
At the Alzheimer's Support Network, we are committed to improving care throughout our community. If you share that goal as a professional, please contact us. If we don't have an educational or training program already developed to fit your needs, we can work together to create it.