Individualized Assistance and Family Meetings

Individualized Assistance and Family Meetings
 Helping families affected by Alzheimer's is at the heart of what we do at the Alzheimer's Support Network. Our family consultants (care guides) help families every day through private in-person and Zoom, as well as calls and emails. While our focus is families who live in Naples, we can help you no matter where you are located.
 If I schedule a Family Meeting what should I expect?
 For all new families, we like to schedule a private meeting with our team of family consultants in order to get to know you and your specific challenges. We do not perform cognitive assessments, memory screenings, or formal interviews. Instead, following a social rather than medical model, we invite you to sit down with our team and share with us what is happening.
 During the course of a day, we will often meet with people who are in a crisis, such as an out-of-town daughter who just flew into Naples because one partner was hospitalized and the other is far less functional than she knew. Another person may be concerned about his memory and is looking for advice about what to do next. Another person might be a friend or a neighbor who is just looking to gather resources.
 What you should know about us:
We are friendly and informal.                                                                             We never do formal assessments.                                                                    We meet you where you are.                                                                             We are only there to give you suggestions and options.                                                               Helping families isn't a job for us, it's our mission.
Whatever the need is, our Family Consultants are there to offer a hug, hold a hand, and help anyone who needs it know they are not alone.
If you would like to make an appointment with our family consultants (care guides) please call (239) 262-8388 or email: