Wanderer's Identification Program

Wanderer's Identification Program

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For Collier County, Florida Only

Thank you for inquiring about the Wanderer's Identification Program. Please see the attached information (click on the link below) that explains the program currently being offered to help return your loved one to you should they wander away.  There are no charges for this Program.

In order to sign up for the Wanderer's Identification Program, you must complete the attached Application (see the link below), sign the Authorization, and provide a recent photo of the person to be registered. Once the form is filled out,  send it to us by mail or email.  You can also stop by the office.  We will happy to assist you at any point through this process.

The whole process will take approximately 2-4 weeks. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give me a call at (239) 262-8388 or email me at clarke@alzsupport.org
Click here to open and print out the WANDERER'S ID PROGRAM APPLICATION

You can use the above form to submit the information.  We will order the bracelet or necklace for you.
We will need you to sign and return the authorization form, and send a current photo of the person to be registered. You can email the photo  id@alzsupport.org
Please Note:  If you reside in LEE COUNTY you may sign up for the Alvin A. Dubin Resource Center's Safety Program/Wanderer's Identification:

Safety Program/Wanderer's Identification Bracelets
The Dubin Alzheimer's Resource Center offers a Safety Program with an emergency plan kit for the caregiver and an identification bracelet for the Alzheimer's person for residents of Lee County. This program was designed to help save lives and give caregivers peace of mind. . To obtain a Safety Program Packet, call the Dubin Alzheimer's Resource Center at (239) 437-3007 or e-mail us at DUBINCTR@aol.com.

The Alzheimer's Foundation of America compiled a report:  "Lost and.. Found.  A review of Available Methods and Technologies to Aid Law Enforcement in Location Missing Adults with Dementia"  (June 2012)

Click here for the Full Report.

Project Lifesaver

Project Lifesaver utilizes a tracking bracelet which pinpoints the location of a missing person. Locally, Project Lifesaver is administrated d by the Collier County Sheriff's Office. Below are more details.

Project Lifesaver is a nationwide program that helps locate seniors and children with medical or disabling conditions that may cause them to wander away.

More than 1,400 searches have been completed using this equipment and on average it takes 30 minutes to locate a person using the tracking equipment. It saves valuable time and resources to find wandering adults and seniors.


The program requires the senior to have a full time caregiver who will check the battery and call 9-1-1 immediately if a client wanders.

Donations made by the Pilot Club of Naples, helped to purchase receivers and transmitters. Transmitters are worn either on their wrist or ankle.

The donated transmitters are available to any member of the public who cannot afford to purchase a transmitter themselves. There is a monthly fee of $10.00 which covers the cost of a battery and bracelet change.

Contact us to learn more 239.530.9883 or e-mail seniors@colliersheriff.net 

Project LifeSaver in Action