Managing your Memory

Managing your Memory

Dr. Bill Beckwith is held on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Dr. Beckwith is a Neuropsychologist and an expert in the area of memory enhancement. Everyone is welcome! This is a Hybrid meeting, in person or on Zoom


May 2023 - Memory Screenings

April 2023 - Anosognosia (Why do people forget that they forget)

March 2023 - Driving
Feb 2023 - How to Know if You Are at Risk for Memory Loss


Dec 2022 - General Questions

Oct 2022 - General Questions

Sep 2022 - General Questions

Jan 2015

Neuropsychological Testing for Memory Impairment

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

April 2015

Facing Parkinson's: The Doctor as the Patient

Part 1