Alzheimer's Support Network of Naples, Florida

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Latest Updates from 2014:

April  9:  Placement Workshop - Session 1 of 3  (Video)

April  8:  Recent Articles:  Crew Nature Walk Article

Mar 26:  Ask the Experts:  How to get Someone to Go to Daycare  (Video)

Mar 10: Recent Articles:  Blood Test for AD.   Ipods Awaken Memories.   Sent Kits to help find wanderers.   

Mar 6:  Recent Articiles: Shoes with GPS for AD Patients

Mar 4:  Education Meetion:  Dr. Peter Rabins  (Video)

Mar 3:   Naples Botanical Garden Sensory Tour  (Video) 

Mar 2:   Education Meeting:   Dr. Emogene Bedrosian - Obama Care and the ER   Parts 1-5  (Video)

Mar 2:    Recent Articles:   Rescue dogs used to find lost Alzheimer's Patients in Naples  (Video)

Mar 2:   Recent Articles:  Anaesthesia could increase the risk of dementia in elderly by 35 percent

Feb 13:  Recent Articles:  UC San Diego AD Newletter Feb 2014.  Meditation as good as Meds?

Feb 5:   Education Meeting:  Dr. Ron Garry - Overview of Forms of Dementia   (Video)

Jan 26:  Recent Articles:  The Village Network: Staying put.    Act of Shadowing.   

Jan 25:  Education Meeting:  Dr. William Justiz - Role of a Neurologist in Diagnosing Alzheimer's  (Video)

Jan 22:   Recent Articles:   In Patient vs Observation status in hospitals

Jan 17:   Recent Articles:  Heavy drinking in middle age linked to memory loss